David Boonin

David Magnus Boonin is a nationally recognized regulatory/public utility economist, thought leader and change agent with over three decades experience in public utility regulation, policy and strategy. He is the President and Founder of TBG Consulting and has served in numerous public and private positions including, in part: Principal - National Regulatory Research Institute, Commissioner and Executive Director - Philadelphia Gas Commission, President - New Energy Ventures Mid-Atlantic, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs - Mayor's Office, City of Philadelphia, Chief Economist - Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, and Commissioner - Philadelphia City Planning Commission.  He is regularly published and a presenter at national and international forums on energy and utility matters.  He earned a M.A and B.S. in Economics from Brown University and the Wharton School, respectively.

David's service to the Jewish community includes, in part: co-founder and former vice-president of JSPAN, board member and committee chair of Mishkan Shalom Synagogue and Executive Committee member of the Anti-Defamation League Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter.  He was also a member of the ADL’s national committee and winner of its national leadership award.   David also served as a board member of the American Jewish Congress.

David resides in Swarthmore with his wife and son.