Lauren Beller

Lauren Beller is a young Jewish professional with a range of experience that makes her an exciting addition to the Board.  She graduated from Temple University in 2009 with a degree in Elementary and Special Education, and she completed a second major in Psychology.  After teaching in the School District of Philadelphia for two school years, she shifted her focus to applying her own experiences of disability to helping families of students with special needs navigate the special education system in Pennsylvania.  Her experiences with growing up using a wheelchair and having other unseen disabilities combined with her professional experiences made her a unique advocate and activist for various issues affecting this population.  She is a consultant at Pennsylvania's Education for All Coalition in Philadelphia and considers herself an activist through her past involvement with the Occupy movement and her current involvement with being a volunteer at Wooden Shoe Bookstore, a fully volunteer run collective non-profit with a commitment to radical education and activism.  She participated in the first ever Birthright trip designed for young Jews with physical disabilities, and this was a faith-affirming experience for her.  She lives in Center City Philadelphia with her two parrots, Popcorn and Eli and enjoys music, reading, and avidly following the Philadelphia Flyers.  She is very excited to begin her work with JSPAN.