Margot Horwitz

An alumna of the University of Pennsylvania,  Margot received a bachelor of arts degree in English Literature and a master’s degree from the University’s Annenberg School for Communication. 

Her early professional experience was in the for-profit sector in public relations, advertising and marketing for varied consumer agencies.  She then moved into the not-for-profit area, working in the areas of health care,  culture,  education and social service.  Throughout her career Margot has been involved with community organizations, offering her writing skills to promote projects ranging from adult literacy to eradicating food insecurity to youth development. She served on the boards of directors of such organizations as A Better Chance in Lower Merion and Main Line Reform Temple, as well as the Jewish Social Policy Action Network.

Following her communications career, Margot moved on to publish three books: A Female Focus: Great Women Photographers; Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson; and Digging into the Past.  She has published feature and opinion pieces for national magazines and local newspapers and is currently writing a children’s book on international sibling adoption, inspired by the evolving relationship between her older granddaughter and her young sister, who joined the family from Taiwan several years ago.