Position on Terrorism and Civil Liberties

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - January, 2004 As members of a minority that has been the victim of terrorist attacks and government oppression over many years in many places, we Jews living in America have a unique and special interest in the rise of terrorism in the United States and abroad. We care deeply about our Government's response to the new wave of terrorism, and the preservation of our civil liberties in the course of responding to terrorism both forcefully and effectively.

JSPAN Supports A Woman's Right to Choose

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - January 2004 Thirty years after the Supreme Court's historic decision in Roe v. Wade, forces in Washington are stubbornly chipping away at that decision. Anti-choice leaders hold the balance of political power in Washington. Quietly but consistently, they are using that power to circumscribe a woman's right to personal privacy.

JSPAN Supports Goal of Adequate State Funding for Public Education

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - December 2003
JSPAN supports efforts to adequately fund public school education throughout the Commonwealth. We agree that all of the Commonwealth's children deserve the opportunity to learn and that an educated citizenry is our most effective economic development tool for a future of equity, prosperity and of growth for our citizens.

Federal Marriage Amendment Debated in Congress

JSPAN POLICY - July 2004 The Senate voted against amending the Constitution, but the debate continues.

Policy Statement on Church-State Relations

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - Adopted July 2, 2004 Background and general principles For Jewish activists in America it is almost an article of faith that the entanglement of religion and government corrupts both and undermines not only religious freedom but our other freedoms as well. The 1500 year Jewish experience of living in societies with no separation between church, or mosque, and state doubtless accounts for the uncommon depth and unanimity with which that belief is held. It is a matter of almost unbelievably good fortune that we find ourselves in a nation whose founders, based on their own reading of history and the experiences of their own forebears, reached the same conclusion.

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JSPAN Debate Brings More than 175 Jewish Community Members from throughout Philadelphia

NEWS - June 8, 2004 JSPAN President Jeffrey Pasek, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Jane Eisner, National Jewish Democratic Council It was standing room only as more than 175 people attended “The 2004 Election and the Jewish Agenda: Foreign and Domestic” a debate between Jeffrey Ballabon of the Republican Jewish Coalition and David Harris of the National Jewish Democratic Council on June 8th at Adath Jeshurun in Elkins Park.

JSPAN Members Pray with their Feet At Historic March for Women’s Lives

NEWS - March, 2004 Scenes from the mall According to the media, it was the largest march in the history of Washington, DC, and JSPAN was proud to be part of it. Joining hundreds of thousands on the Mall, marching past the White House and assembling before the Capital dome, JSPAN members helped rally in support of reproductive choice on Sunday, April 25th.

Leonard Fein Speaks at JSPAN Kickoff

NEWS - March, 2004 By Susan Myers More than 120 people braved the snow and ice of a mid-March storm to hear Leonard Fein, one of the nation’s leading Jewish activists, address the inaugural public meeting of JSPAN. Dr. Fein began his remarks with a series of vignettes describing several areas of the world beset by cruelties and miseries; he then introduced his audience to those individuals whose devotion to the amelioration of human suffering in these places shines forth as a beacon of hope in this difficult world.

Commentary: Church and State

JSPAN COMMENTARY - March, 2004 Washington State excludes funding to pursue a theology degree from its otherwise-inclusive scholarship aid program. In Locke v. Davey, the Supreme Court held that this does not violate the Free Exercise Clause. A JSPAN commentary follows.
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