JSPAN Launches Policy Center on Bioethics

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - March, 2004 Although discussions of medical ethics can be found in Jewish writings since ancient times, recent technological advances have raised a host of questions that are of special concern to the Jewish community. From enhancing fertility to sustaining life mechanically, from decoding the human genome to integrating technology into the human body, scientific progress threatens to outpace public policy. As a result, JSPAN has initiated a Policy Center to examine current issues in bioethics and propose public policy solutions.

JSPAN Launches Policy Center for Reform of Pennsylvania Election Law

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - February, 2004 It took more than two months after the 2003 general election, before Pennsylvania voters learned who won the last open seat on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. In the closest statewide election since the Civil War, the final result depended upon the resolution of court challenges and recount requests.

JSPAN Wants Sound Energy Policy

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - January, 2004 The national energy bill (S.16) that came out of conference – but was held up in the Senate by a filibuster in December – is going to be a leading issue as the Senate reconvenes this month. This bill is not a balanced energy policy, but mainly a collection of gifts to special interests. As one Senator put it, in this energy bill “No lobbyist was left behind!”

Position on Terrorism and Civil Liberties

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - January, 2004 As members of a minority that has been the victim of terrorist attacks and government oppression over many years in many places, we Jews living in America have a unique and special interest in the rise of terrorism in the United States and abroad. We care deeply about our Government's response to the new wave of terrorism, and the preservation of our civil liberties in the course of responding to terrorism both forcefully and effectively.

JSPAN Supports A Woman's Right to Choose

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - January 2004 Thirty years after the Supreme Court's historic decision in Roe v. Wade, forces in Washington are stubbornly chipping away at that decision. Anti-choice leaders hold the balance of political power in Washington. Quietly but consistently, they are using that power to circumscribe a woman's right to personal privacy.

JSPAN Supports Goal of Adequate State Funding for Public Education

JSPAN POLICY PAPER - December 2003
JSPAN supports efforts to adequately fund public school education throughout the Commonwealth. We agree that all of the Commonwealth's children deserve the opportunity to learn and that an educated citizenry is our most effective economic development tool for a future of equity, prosperity and of growth for our citizens.

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Past Newsletters

To view some of our older newsletters, please click on the links below. 2009 Newsletters
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