Leonard Fein Speaks at JSPAN Kickoff

NEWS - March, 2004 By Susan Myers More than 120 people braved the snow and ice of a mid-March storm to hear Leonard Fein, one of the nation’s leading Jewish activists, address the inaugural public meeting of JSPAN. Dr. Fein began his remarks with a series of vignettes describing several areas of the world beset by cruelties and miseries; he then introduced his audience to those individuals whose devotion to the amelioration of human suffering in these places shines forth as a beacon of hope in this difficult world. From this grew a discussion of the importance of Jewish values to meet the challenges of our time. What is the goal of Jewish survival? "We must survive in order to help repair this oh so fractured world." We are here, said the speaker, to mend, heal, fix, repair, and that is the Jewish calling. Fein urged us "to pray with our feet," "to grasp each other’s hands and march," "to have the holy audacity" to fight to fix the world’s ills. He challenged us to "remember how to be indignant" and to take on the tough battles. Fein is extraordinarily sensitive to injustice, suffering, poverty, and powerlessness, wherever they appear, in our country or the rest of the world, and he is feisty in his dedication to redress those ills. Leonard Fein cannot be the last angry man. The power of his remarks and the magnetism of his message for all Jews assure that others will continue to join his march. The shortest and most direct way to join that march is to sign up as a member of JSPAN, says its President, Jeffrey Pasek. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JSPAN invites your response to articles on the JSPAN web site. Please send all replies to JSPAN@JSPAN.org.