JSPAN Endorses Immigration and Refugee Assistance

At its meeting on May 16, the JSPAN Board reiterated its support for fair treatment of immigrants and refugees by endorsing two specific initiatives and promising future action. JSPAN signed on as a community supporter of HIAS' Welcome Campaign, through which HIAS "seeks to demonstrate the widespread support for refugees in the American Jewish community by highlighting the involvement and engagement of congregations and communities around the country." As a followup, JSPAN will be joining HIAS in urging congregations to sign on as well. Additionally, JSPAN signed on as an organizational supporter of New Sanctuary Movement's drive to secure "drivers licenses for all." In the weeks and months ahead, JSPAN will continue to urge the City of Philadelphia to uphold its status as a Sanctuary City (recently reiterated by Mayor Kenney) and will support extension of childcare subsidies to refugees so that they can secure jobs and support their families. You can learn more about the challenges that immigrants and refugees face on the websites of HIAS Pennsylvania (www.hiaspa.org), Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (www.paimmigrant.org), and New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (http://sanctuaryphiladelphia.org).