JSPAN Supports Refugee Resettlement, Including Syrians

JSPAN recently joined humanitarian aid organizations, and faith, labor, civil and human rights groups in expressing support for the U.S. refugee resettlement program and opposition to legislation to stop, pause or restrict funding for Syrian and other refugees. The world is witnessing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. More than four million Syrians have fled their home country to escape conflict and violence, and 6.5 million are displaced within Syria.

Our formal letter of support, sent Jan. 19, 2016, states in part, "We call upon Congress to demonstrate leadership by speaking out against the scapegoating of any group during this time of crisis and to ensure that our nation's humanitarian efforts are robust. The United States is a welcoming country with a diverse society and our resettlement program must continue to reflect this. We can welcome refugees while ensuring our own security. Refugees have enriched communities across our country and have been part of the American fabric for generations. Historically our nation has responded to every major war or conflict and has resettled refugees from Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. Closing doors to refugees would be disastrous for not only the refugees themselves, but for their family members in the United States who are waiting for them to arrive, and our reputation in the world." To review the full letter, click here.