Vote Your Vanguard Shares: Important Action from Investors Against Genocide

If you are a Vanguard customer, watch for your proxy ballots and vote your conscience on this important issue. Look for Question 3 on the ballot page. Vanguard is urging customers to vote “against” Question 3 stating that the company adopted a policy that is "substantially identical" to our shareholder proposal. However, despite the encouraging announcement about this policy, we were disappointed to learn from Vanguard’s SEC filing on March 31 that they actually recently increased their holdings of PetroChina and other large oil industry partners of the government of Sudan which help fund the genocide in Darfur. Vanguard offers no explanation for its choice to buy more stock in these companies. Vanguard declines to release the policy adopted by its funds’ Board of Trustees, the names of companies about which it has concerns, or how it intends to implement the policy with problem companies. Vanguard’s lack of action and lack of transparency fails to demonstrate its commitment to shareholders who deserve to feel confident that their savings are not connected to genocide. The voting will remain open up until the shareholders meeting on July 2. All Vanguard shareholders can change their vote to be FOR Question 3 right up until the meeting. For instructions on how to change your vote or if you no longer have your voting materials, get more information at
Also, whether you are a customer or not, please send an email to Vanguard, telling them to immediately divest the problem companies and become more transparent about their policy on companies tied to human rights abuses. You can send an email by pasting this address into your browser: