The Election: We Have Questions, You Have Answers

By Ken Myers, JSPAN Vice President At the end of the longest presidential election campaign in memory, JSPAN wants to evaluate the quality of the experience … were the right issues debated? Was the process effective at producing an informed electorate? Were you pleased with the very substantial time and attention given to our Jewish community? We want to hear your views. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. They are intentionally open-ended to invite both your experiences and your reflections. Or write us with the answers to the questions you want addressed. 1. What about the length of the process? Different candidates led the polls at different time in the two-year marathon. Was it too little … too much … just right? 2. Were the debates useful to you in making up your mind? Would you prefer more or less of these face-to-face encounters? Why? 3. What was most important in your choice of a candidate: The candidate’s specific position on one or two issues (which issues)? The overall philosophy expressed by the candidate? The candidate’s track record in government or elsewhere? The values expressed by the candidate? A sense of the candidate’s personality? The candidate’s handling of the debates? Other factors (name them)? 4. Did you read the ads addressed to the Jewish community in the Exponent? Elsewhere? Were you contacted by any of the campaigns with a message to Jews? Are these contacts effective or offensive? 5. The campaigns trotted out “surrogates” … friends, family and advisers who each assured us of their candidate’s virtues. Does that help you to decide? 6. Did you receive any contact from friends or family soliciting your vote for a candidate? Domestic or foreign? Tell us your experience. Did it influence you? 7. Should Election Day be a holiday (as it is in a number of other countries) in order to help more people to vote?