JSPAN Joins Amicus Brief Opposing Proposition 8

On January 15, JSPAN filed an Application in the California Supreme Court to join in an amicus brief "in opposition to Proposition 8 and in support of Petitioners." The brief has been submitted by a multi-faith coalition led by the California Council of Churches (CCC) and the Progressive Jewish Alliance, and includes fifteen national and international faith organizations, fourteen statewide and regional faith organizations, over 160 local congregations and faith organizations in California, and almost 700 California clergy and faith leaders.

The Application states that it "has been brought on behalf of a coalition of diverse national, regional, statewide and local religious and faith organizations, as well as individual clergy and faith leaders from across California. .... By submitting this Application, these organizations and individuals hope to lend strength in numbers to the objections and concerns that religious groups have already described to the Court and to demonstrate that the vocal religious proponents of Proposition 8 do not speak for all of, or even most of, the faith-based community in California."

In summary, the applicants "believe that same-sex couples should be afforded the same fundamental rights as different-sex couples to participate in the State-sanctioned institution of marriage."

In the text of the Application, JSPAN's Statement of Interest is listed third in the section on the rationales of seven "national" organizations for joining the argument. Kudos to the JSPAN Legal Committee for receiving such recognition from their interfaith partners working on this effort, and our heartfelt thanks for the many hours spent drafting a separate JSPAN brief before the decision was made to sign on to this document!

To read JSPAN's Statement of Interest, click here. (Note the reference to Rabbi Rebecca Alpert's new book, "Whose Torah? A Concise Guide to Progressive Judaism." Please see details in this newsletter about a JSPAN-sponsored program with the author on February 26.)

To read the brief submitted by the California Council of Churches and the Progressive Jewish Alliance, click here.