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Further urgent action is now needed in Congress to pass the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act, which would strengthen civilian protection and allocate $ 50 million dollars in the final FY06 military appropriations bill to support the African Union mission in Sudan.

On November 18th, the Senate passed the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act unanimously. It's counterpart in the house, HR 3127, has bipartisan support from over 100 cosponsors. In a letter to Congress, published on December 8,2005, under the aegis of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a broad-based coalition of national and local communal organizations urged the House to follow the actions of the Senate with swift passage of the bill before the end of the 2006 session of Congress. Grassroots support is needed now in support of the bill's passage.

Please contact your congressional representatives immediately and encourage them to support this legislation and, in addition, to exert pressure on the United Nations to take more aggressive humanitarian leadership.

Please go to the following website to take immediate action: Friends Committee on National Legislation-Issue on Sudan

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