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Our website design allows you to become quickly informed of the latest issues, to delve deeply into issues we deem important and to participate by sharing your thoughts with us and our membership. What follows is a guide to using our website. Viewing Articles Any article or posting can be viewed in full by clicking on the article title or by clicking on the Read the rest of this entry link at the end of the excerpt when it appears. Posting Comments Many articles allow you to contribute your thoughts by posting a comment. When viewing an extract you can post a comment by clicking on the link that says Click to post a comment the full article will be displayed and a Reply Box will appear at the end. Type in your comments and click on Submit. Your comments will be viewable by others after JSPAN review. IMPORTANT: In order to post a comment you must be enter your name and email address. Note that logging in or entering your email address to post a comment is different from becoming a member or joining our email list. Navigation Links Immediately below our banner are seven navigation links. Click on a link to access that area of our site.

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