6 Steps to Overcome Foot Swelling During Pregnancy (pregnant)

the 8th month of pregnancy

Swollen legs is often complaint by pregnant women (75% of pregnant women usually experience edema in the final trimester). Swelling that usually occurs in the legs and ankles usually begin to appear in the 8th month of pregnancy, but some women experience it at the 6th month.

The collection and retention of fluid in body tissues (due to hormonal changes) are common things that cause swelling. Lack of activity of the pregnant women can be the cause. Swelling of the legs and ankles without any other symptoms are considered normal. Generally edema / foot swelling normally does not give rise to any consequence except discomfort and fatigue.


  • Take frequent breaks. Do not keep standing or sitting around. Lie down with your feet higher than your body. Better to lie on your left side.
  • Use comfortable shoes or sandals. Generally, pregnant women need to increase the size of the shoes or sandals 1-2 numbers than usual.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. This habit can prevent the accumulation of fluid in body tissues. Drink little by little.
  • Do not consume excessive salt, because it can increase the risk of fluid retention in the body.
  • Put your leg and foot in a high position when seated, avoid crossing your legs.
  • Resting in a position to the left or right can help blood flow more smoothly to the kidneys. 6 Steps to Overcome Foot Swelling During Pregnancy (pregnant)

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