that salt can also trigger autoimmune disease

boost immunity

hypertension: salt could not be avoided. All processed foods, even for home-cooked meals, must use salt. So far, researchers have been linking salt with an increased risk of high blood pressure to heart disease. Though salt is also important for health because iodine in it.

In addition, a recent study published in Cell Metabolism, reveal that high-salt diet can also boost immunity, as reported by Medical Daily (03/03).

“Until now, hypertension the salt is considered to lead to cardiovascular disease, and recent studies show that salt can also trigger autoimmune disease. However, our study challenge the results of these studies and see the positive effects that can be given salt. This study shows that salt can prevent infection, the same with antibiotics, hypertension “said researcher Jonathan Universitatsklinikum Jantsch of Regensburg.

Researchers found that infected mice proved to have high levels of sodium. When they looked again, they found that a diet high in sodium can boost the activity of immune cells called macrophages. This means that the sodium in salt can also boost immunity.

Researchers will continue to observe the positive effects of salt, but researchers still warn people not to consume too much salt. Salts can still increase the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Eating salt to taste and pay attention to the dose of sodium you eat every day. that salt can also trigger autoimmune disease

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